Leisure Hovercraft

Leisure hovercraft are now affordable and fun provided you do a little homework before you buy a hovercraft.

Things to consider before you buy a leisure hovercraft.

Hovercraft are weight sensitive, so rather than ask how many seats the hovercraft has, ask what weight can be lifted when starting on water. Hovercraft lift 50% more weight when starting from land, and some suppliers fudge their on-water payloads, and show 4 or 5 people skimming over puddles in fields. Unless you want a long swim home, drill down to ask the question - how much weight can this hovercraft lift from an on-water start?

When hovercraft start on water, they create a bow wave known as the Hump - and they need power to get over the hump. Some suppliers in order to try stay competitive, fit low-cost lawn mower engines, and then modify them to get max power output - this usually invalidates the engine supplier’s warranty, since no manufacturer wants their engine running on max revs all day.

Some suppliers leave off essential fan guards, always check if a front and rear guard is fitted, since fan blades rotate at 2000 rpm, and it is a good idea to keep fingers away from rotating blades - 2 accidents involving unguarded fan blades have been reported in 3 years, both involving homemade hovercraft, one a fatality.

Check construction - hovercraft are weight sensitive, and suppliers produce hovercraft with very thin lightweight glass fiber - as hovercraft go over land as well as water, GRP can crack or shatter - the Hov Pod hovercraft is manufactured from very durable HDPE and Carbon Fiber.

Check engineering, the Hov Pod is CAD designed, CNC robotic engineered, has IP65 and IP66 electrical connectors to ensure no short circuiting. We have seen some very poor designs, with hot exhaust pipes exposed that can cause burns.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hovercrafts for Sale in USA

Hovercrafts for Sale in USA

Check whether the skirt material is made from neoprene coated nylon - this material degrades in sunlight as it is sensitive to UV. Check whether the skirts are made from Hypalon, this tears too easily. The Hov Pod has superior polyurethane coated nylon 375 GSM - anti plough, anti rip material that will last years rather than weeks, saving you replacement and associated shipping costs.

Check whether the exhaust system exits around the outside of the hovercraft, as this can lead to serious burns should bystanders touch the hot exhaust. 
Hovercrafts for Sale in USA

Check the buoyancy and free-board - the point at which water can flow into the cabin - the free-board is remarkably low on race pedigree hovercraft designs as race hovercraft were never designed for marine use. 

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